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Sunday #snake_snack by Roberto Colubra: Sandi Morris – The Queen of Cool

Sunday #snake_snack by Roberto Colubra: Sandi Morris – The Queen of Cool

“If you want to win, you cannot be afraid to be beaten.”
Sandi Morris

During the 2017 Rio Olympics she competed fiercely against “our” Katerina Stefanidi for the Gold Medal. Katerina every time Sandi was preparing to jump, closed her eyes and turned her back to the vault jump setup. As she said afterwards, she had to look away, otherwise it would be difficult for her to concentrate and pull her thoughts together.

Both athletes failed  clearing 4.90 in the first two jumps, Sandi failed in the third jump also and got the Silver Medal. Now it was Katerina’s turn, to clear 4.90 and get the already secured Gold Medal with a better score. What I saw at that point will stay with me forever. As people started clapping rhythmically to encourage Katerina, the cameras turned to Sandi and there she is clapping also and encouraging people to continue. She had a positive look in her eyes, few people can keep when they lose.

I admired her sportsmanship and I became instantly a huge fan. I turned to my friends and said without hesitation: “This young lady is definitely a real Queen of Cool!” 

There is more to the story.

A few days ago, I posted on Instagram and Twitter the picture above, tagging her almost by accident. After a few hours a blip on my screen indicated “Sandi Morris replied” and my eyes popped.

As I said, she  is so cool. She is also so stylish with her hair tied in pony tail, bringing forward all her cool characteristics.

Her killer stare and firm determination are there unmasked, for everyone to admire.


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