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Η φωτογραφία της ημέρας: All the lonely people…


All the lonely people

Where do they all come from?

All the lonely people

Where do they all belong?

Photo by Zisimos Zizos

About The Author

Zisimos was born in Sydney Australia but he is Greek. He moved to Athens Greece from a very young age and lives in Glyfada (a beautiful place in Athens near the sea side).

His passion for photography started later on in life. It started as a hobby and it became a pleasant obsession to present his point of view through photograph: landscapes, portraits, long exposure, night photography, just name it. Nowadays the hobby also became a profession and on this page you can see some of his works on different subjects. What makes the difference is the point of view. He is self taught and he had his first solo exhibition with great success in May 2015. Always looking for something more, something different, something more beautiful. Always trying for something new.

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Website: http://zisimos.wix.com/zz-photography

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/zisimos.photography

Instagram: https://instagram.com/zisimos_photography/

500px: https://500px.com/zisimoszizos

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Photocrowd: https://www.photocrowd.com/zisimos/

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Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/zisimos/

Tumblr: http://zisimosphotography.tumblr.com/

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